Thursday, July 30, 2009


The beginning of the MGMT tune "Kids" on Activision's Music Studio.

I had heard that song a few times on the radio (a while ago now, when MGMT was not too popular) and thought that was pretty cool. But, for some reason, the radio guys would never give the name of the song and who was responsible for it. So, being pretty resourceful, I would "google" what I thought was the title of the song, that is "Take only what you need from me", but ... it's not "from me", it's "from it" and it's not the name of the song. Amazingly enough, google could not give me the name of the song or band from that lyric. There were just no matches. So, still had no idea what that tune was.

One morning, pretty early, when MTV shows videos, I heard something that sounded a bit like that tune. The name of the song was "Electric feel" and the band was MGMT. Direction youtube, search for MGMT and within seconds, the problem was solved. The name of the song I was looking for so long is "Kids", of course. I think it's an amazing tune but that's just me. Glad to see Weezer decided to cover it in concert.


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