Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Save a Tune as a SID (and WAV) in Ubik's Music

If you are/were a Ubik's Music user, you probably wonder if it's possible to save a tune you made as a SID or WAV. Well, the answer is yes, it's definitely possible but it's a little bit convoluted to get there. I am assuming you don't have a Commodore 64 and you are using an emulator like VICE to run Ubik's Music.

Here's how you do it:

1) In Ubik's Music, you compile your music. It will save a PRG file on whatever disk image is currently attached. If you want, you can create a blank D64 disk image using DirMaster and store your compiled music PRG there.

2) You extract the compiled PRG file from the disk image using once again DirMaster (export function). The PRG file should now sit somewhere on your pc.

3) You convert the PRG file into a SID file using PRG2SID available at iAN CooG. If your PRG file is called YOURTUNE.PRG, do this from the command line:
and you'll get a YOURTUNE.SID if all went well.

4) You may have to edit the SID file to get rid of extra songs using SIDedit.

5) You play the SID file and possibly convert the SID file into a WAV file using sidplay2.

I'd like to thank iAN CooG for writing the PRG2SID program, I believe, right after I asked the question on the lemon 64 forum.