Friday, January 7, 2011

Battleaxe - Make it in America (electrosound)

Once upon a time, back in the magical 80s, there was a British heavy metal band called "Battleaxe". Let's just say that they almost made it super big. Anyways, the video below plays one track of the 2nd Battleaxe album "Power From The Universe", it's called "Make it in America":

Battleaxe went through several lineups over the years (note that they are still playing and touring to this day) but what's important in C64 music history is that, at one point, a lead guitarist named John Stormont joined the band (for a relatively short time). Heavy metal was/is his passion but he was also very much into the Commodore 64 and, in particular, the music of Rob Hubbard (it is rumored that some other members of the band were also C64 afficionados).

John composed tons of tunes on the C64 (see John Stormont - When 64s ruled the Earth) with Ubik's Music. He also composed a few tunes on Electrosound including this cover of Battleaxe's "Make it in America":

Which version sounds better? Well, I'll let you be the judge of that.

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