Sunday, January 2, 2011

John Stormont - When 64s ruled the Earth

I "met" John Stormont on youtube (had to do with a Commodore 64 tracker named Ubik's Music). After graciously giving me the Ubik's Music manual, he provided me with a bunch of brilliant tracks (44 of them) he had made back in the day (1987) using Ubik's Music. John is a big Rob Hubbard fan and it shows.

Not too long ago, I started a music label called Ugo Capeto Records to distribute my melodic electronica tracks made on the Nintendo Korg DS-10 (see Home of the Korg DS-10). Looking for other artists to join in, well, I've got to say that John was number one on my list and here we are! All 44 tracks are available at John Stormont's "When 64s ruled the Earth". It's not free but it's pretty cheap.

Here are 3 tracks among the 44:

John Stormont - Maggie Might

John Stormont - Snowball

John Stormont - Tank

Yep, this is real chiptune made on the C64 using a tracker in the eighties, not chiptune made on an emulator in the 21st century. These 44 tracks are a real treasure, a sort of chiptune time capsule.


  1. It's great you're releasing this music, as it's a part of history, all in its own way.

  2. Thanks gurdonark. It's my pleasure really. I really like the fact that it was all done back in the 80s.